Your secret to becoming the most powerful and elegant person in the room...

All this talk about femininity is nice, but deep down you know you really need someone to walk you along the journey.

I see you, my love.
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What if finding a femininity expert wasn't as difficult as it seems?

Look, I get it. Femininity is a hot button topic right now and it seems like everyone and their mom is a guru nowadays. It's hard to discern who to trust especially when you're more interested in learning about biblical femininity.

You may be wondering how to not only level up, but to confidently walk in the purpose God has for you... And to do it stylishly too.


I've been there and I can help...

Does any of this sound like you?

➡ You want to start your femininity journey but you want a more godly, experienced mentor by your side

➡ You know the Lord has called you to break a spirit of poverty off your bloodline through entrepreneurship

➡ You had the idea to start a ministry but it seems daunting so you keep pushing the thought to the side

➡ You've been called to a Kingdom/prophetic marriage but you have no idea how to prepare

➡ You know you have a lot of inner healing issues you need to address before the Lord takes you to the next level

Sounds like me!

You're not alone...

GodlyFem® Premium Deliverables

✔ GodlyFem® Masterclass included

✔ GodlyFem® Elite membership included

✔ Biweekly, private coaching calls with Jumoke for three months, six months, or a year (excluding December)

✔ Unlimited email and text support

✔ Tailored strategy for three months, six months, or a year

✔ Consulting in femininity, spirituality, business, ministry, and dating

I'm ready to start

Don't delay.
Today is already too late...

Imagine the cost of staying right where you're at...

I know change can be daunting but imagine how behind in life you could be if you never challenge yourself to move forward...

Imagine remaining unhealed and passing down unconscious brokeness to the next generation..

Imagine not having the tools to navigate your single/dating season and marrying the wrong man...

Imagine never starting that business or writing that book that could bring more people to Christ...

Yikes. Where do I apply?

Meet Your Guide

So why pick me? Out of all the femininity coaches out there, why should you trust me, Jumoke?


Simply put—I've been there before and actually walked this journey.

Many femininity coaches I see are all just regurgitating the same info but none of it is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Most of them have just started their journey themselves and don't have the receipts, and let's be honest, or the anointing to back it up.

What I'm offering is more than just an outward transformation but an entire mind and lifestyle change to be a powerhouse of this generation.

Look me up, babes
  • GodlyFem® Premium is right for you if you...

    ✔ Are willing to invest financially in your transformation

    ✔ Want to be trained directly under Jumoke

    ✔ Are called to ministry, entrepreneurship, and marriage

    ✔ Are willing to be coached over a long period of time

    ✔ Know you need more accountability in your journey

  • GodlyFem® Premium is NOT right for you if you...

    ✖ Don't want to invest to be the best version of yourself

    ✖ Don't want to be mentored privately by Jumoke

    ✖ Are not a born-again believer interested in biblical femininity coaching

    ✖ Don't like being told what to do or taking advice

    ✖ Are looking for shortcuts and a free fix

Don't get left behind...

Imagine this...

What would it look like if you took your relationship with God more seriously and was secure in your daughtership?

What would it look like you broke those unfeminine habits and finally leveled up internally and externally?

What would it look like you if you finally started that business, ministry, or book and changed the world?

What would it look like to finally break off the curse of poverty and have true financial freedom?

What would it look like if you actually had the skills to navigate dating so that you can have a whole and intentional marriage?

What would it look like if you became all God called you to be...?

Imagine that...

I'm ready to apply