What if there was a simple way to level up your appearance?

Does this sound like you?

❌ You're tired of guessing when it comes to your wardrobe

❌ You never had a woman mentor pass down crucial elements of presentation

❌ You're fearful of trying something that doesn't work for you so you stay a plain Jane

❌ You feel overwhelmed trying to sort through different sources that don't speak to you

❌ You want that Esther type of transformation but you don't know where to start

It doesn't have to be this way, my love

"She dresses in fine linen and purple gowns."

Proverbs 31:22b NLT

  • College Days...

    I was always doing too much and trying to overcompensate for my insecurities.

    I wore things because they were cheap, trending, or simply because I didn't know myself or body well enough 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Now

    I work with what the Lord gave me! I embraced my personal sense of style without trying to be a wannabe or a copycat 🤦🏾‍♀️

And then...

I invited the Holy Spirit in my level up journey.

Before you know it... I went from looking like a sterotypical "African auntie" to a feminine baby girl 🤩

And you can too!

I want to show you the secrets of a godly feminine woman's presentation...

What will you receive from this masterclass?

There's a strategic way to level up the godly feminine way. In this 6 week prerecorded masterclass, you will be coached by Jumoke to transform you from an overlooked wallflower to the most elevated woman in any room.

For the next six weeks, you'll learn how to...

✨ Partner with the Holy Spirit to curate your unique style

✨ Avoid wasting money on clothing and beauty items you don't need

✨ Feel fully confident in your appearance at all time

✨ Know what works for your personal style, goals, and lifestyle and what doesn't

Don't delay! Join today!

  • Week 1: Introduction

    This week we will cover...

    ✨ How to build your personal brand

    ✨ How to budget for your level up journey

  • Week 2: Hair

    This week we will cover... 

    ✨ Best hairstyles to accommodate your needs and brand

    ✨ Pros and cons of different hairstyles

  • Week 3: Grooming

    This week we will cover... 

    ✨ Best nail practices to complement your personal image

    ✨ Body hair routines

  • Week 4: Makeup

    This week we will cover... 

    ✨ How to create different makeup routines for different occasion

    ✨What to avoid when applying makeup

  • Week 5: Fragrances

    This week we will cover... 

    ✨ Discovering your ideal scent profile

    ✨ How to always smell feminine

  • Week 6: Wardrobe

    This week we will cover... 

    ✨ Best clothing practices for your body type and lifestyle

    ✨How to ALWAYS look put together with little effort

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Basic to Goodie Masterclass

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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, my love! My name is Jumoke 💕

I'm a faithful daughter of the Most High, Spirit-filled femininity coach, fun-loving mentor, fiery prophetic minister, tenacious entrepreneur, master dream interpreting author, giver of the best hugs, chief agbaya, and egusi-eating connoisseur.


Don't sabotage your image!