This training begins February 28, 2023!

My love,

I remember when I was in your shoes.

I genuinely desired to become an elegant woman of value, but I didn’t know where to start or how to keep make certain habits stick!

Perhaps you find yourself in the same spot in your femininity journey...

You've tried...

❌ Shifting endlessly through worldly femininity sources, but some things didn't sit right in your spirit

❌ Watching a few femininity videos, but time after time you find yourself where you started

❌ Praying to God to become more feminine, but you know you need practical guidance to walk it through

You don't have to keep struggling anymore, my love...

So what’s the secret to elevating your femininity in 2023?

The secret is to envision, plan, and execute your glow up!

(Read more about this program below)

Day 1: Envision Your Glow Up

✨ Intro to godly femininity

✨ All about personal branding

✨ Daily assignment

Day 2: Plan Your Glow Up

✨ Set priorities

✨ How to plan for different areas of your life

✨ Budgeting

✨ Daily assignment

Day 3: Execute Your Glow Up

✨ Address limiting mindsets

✨ Form habits

✨ Accountability 

Don't delay! Become that godly feminine woman this year!

3 Day Glow Up Intensive Training Deliverables

✅ 3 one-hour interactive group sessions

✅ Infinite access to playbacks

✅ Access to GodlyFem Elite

✅ 15 minute Q&A after every session

3 Day Glow Up Intensive Training

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