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Coaching & Consulting Services

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Prophetic Consulting

  • Consulting for the prophetic and prophetic office
  • Personal questions about calling to the office of a prophet
  • Questions about prophetic activations (i.e. manifestation gifts of the Spirit)
  • Questions about personal prophetic encounters
  • Personal tools to sharpen how to hear from God


Entrepreneurship/Business Consulting

  • Specific confirmations and encouragement with what is already placed inside of you
  • Vision planning for your endeavors
  • Specific tools and resources to manifest the ideas already given to you
  • Resources to create a profit from your God-given abilities
  • Mindset shifts to have an abundant, confident, and secure vision


Singleness/Relationship Consulting

  • Encouragement in the current season (whether single or in a relationship)
  • Personal strategies to be positioned as a wife
  • Vision curation for marriage
  • Kingdom marriage preparation
  • Confidence in identifying who your Kingdom spouse is


Spiritual Consulting

  • General Christian inquires
  • Discovery of personal spiritual gifts
  • Questions about spiritual basics (praying, fasting, reading the Bible, etc.)
  • Questions on personal journey with the Lord
  • Development of personal faith walk


Leadership Consulting

  • General consulting on how to lead a team
  • Conflict management consulting
  • Work-life balance consulting
  • Questions on how to juggle different roles
  • Leadership vision planning


Identity Consulting

  • Personal tools to develop a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord
  • Daughtership/Sonship training and encouragement
  • Discovery of soul wounds that are hindering a deeper relationship with the Lord
  • Clarity on who you are and where you're going
  • Confidence in identity as a child of God


Things to Note:

  • If you would like dream interpretation consulting then please navigate to this link.
  • For femininity consulting & coaching, please navigate to this link.
  • Due to the nature of these digital products, deposits are nonrefundable.
  • Please do your best to ensure you pick the service closest to your needs.
  • If no availabilities work for you, then please email for alternative options.
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