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Coaching & Consulting Services

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Things to Note:

  • If you would like dream interpretation consulting then please navigate to this link.
  • For femininity consulting & coaching, please navigate to this link.
  • These products are premium services. You are not paying for ministry, prayer, or deliverance. You are paying for my time, my skills, and my wisdom. If you would rather receive free help and resources, then please navigate to my YouTube channel, Instagram page, or nonprofit ministry, Single on Purpose.
  • Due to the nature of these digital products, deposits are non-refundable.
  • Please do your best to ensure you pick the service closest to your needs.
  • If no availabilities work for you, then please email for alternative options.


Prophetic Consulting

  • Questions about prophetic activations (i.e. manifestation gifts of the Spirit)
  • Questions about personal prophetic encounters
  • Personal tools to sharpen how to hear from God


Entrepreneurship/Business Consulting

  • Specific confirmations and encouragement with what is already placed inside of you
  • Vision planning for your endeavors
  • Specific tools and resources to manifest the ideas already given to you
  • Resources to create a profit from your God-given abilities
  • Mindset shifts to have an abundant, confident, and secure vision


Singleness/Relationship Consulting

  • Encouragement in the current season (whether single or in a relationship)
  • Personal strategies to be positioned as a wife
  • Vision curation for marriage
  • Kingdom marriage preparation
  • Confidence in identifying who your Kingdom spouse is


Spiritual Consulting

  • General Christian inquires
  • Discovery of personal spiritual gifts
  • Questions about spiritual basics (praying, fasting, reading the Bible, etc.)
  • Questions on personal journey with the Lord
  • Development of personal faith walk


Leadership Consulting

  • General consulting on how to lead a team
  • Conflict management consulting
  • Work-life balance consulting
  • Questions on how to juggle different roles
  • Leadership vision planning


Identity Consulting

  • Personal tools to develop a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord
  • Daughtership training and encouragement
  • Discovery of soul wounds that are hindering a deeper relationship with the Lord
  • Clarity on who you are and where you're going
  • Confidence in identity as a child of God