8 Things That Show You’re a Godly Feminine Woman!

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Hey ladies. Welcome back to GodlyFem. My name is Jumoke and I coach spirit-filled Cursebreakers to become all God has called them to be through the art of Godly femininity. So today ladies, we are going to discuss eight things that show that you are a Godly feminine woman. So if you enjoyed my videos like this, make sure that you do like subscribe and hit that bell so that you can continue to get more great content.


So the first thing that shows that you're a Godly feminine woman is that you are led by the Spirit and not others. Now, this is so important because so many women, yes, they have the Holy Spirit within them, but because of their own inner healing issues, a lot of women may feel the need to people please or to follow religion or to follow what so and so and so is saying without actually going back to the Father to confirm if that is his will for them. So, you know, you're gaze feminine woman when you're not dictated by others' opinions about you, about what they say life should be. You always go back to the source and are led by the Spirit and everything you do in your life. Okay?

So the second thing that shows that you're a Godly feminine woman is that you operate in daughtership. So many women do not know what it looks like to be a daughter simply because they may have their own parental wounds and things of that nature. But when you are a Godly feminine woman, you understand your identity is always a daughter first, before it's a servant, before it's a wife, before it's a mother, before it's a minister, before it's a worker. Whatever the case is, you know that your identity first lies in being a daughter of the most high. So the third thing that shows that you're a Godly feminine woman is that you fully love yourself and you know that you're loved by God.

A lot of women don't really love themselves. They don't believe that they are fairly and wonderfully made. They don't believe that they are good enough. A lot of women unknowingly try to earn the approval of God. They try to strive, they try to work, they try to do all the right things so that God will love them.

But when you're a Godly feminine woman and you're fully secure in yourself and your identity, you know that you're loved by God. You know that God has created you in such a way and you love yourself. Even the flaws that you have, despite your mistakes, despite where you've come from, you have come to a place that you fully accepted and embraced who you are right now. So that's a huge, huge trait. So the next thing that shows that you're a gala feminine woman is that you have healthy boundaries.

A lot of people don't think that they need boundaries in this day. And age. They think that everyone should have immediate access to them, that they should just be lackadaisical, they should never say no. A lot of women think that no and they would not even just think it, but they were taught that no is a bad word, no is rude and no means that you're selfish. But even Jesus Christ himself had boundaries with other people and he had boundaries with himself, boundaries with time.

And if He is our model and we're being disciples from him, we need to know how to have healthy boundaries as well. When you're a Godly feminine woman, you're also a disciple and a disciple is a follower of Christ. So following in Christ's example, we know that we're supposed to have and set healthy boundaries for ourselves. The next thing that shows that you're a Godly feminine woman is that you practice rest. So in this day and age, so many people are so caught up with doing doing that they forget to rest.

They forget that the God that we serve even rested on the 7th day and is showing us and modeling how rest looks like. So when you're a Godly feminine woman, not only do you rest physically, but you also rest spiritually when it comes to certain things that really don't have nothing to do with you. You give your battles to the Lord, you just go to sleep, you said you know what, god will get it, God will get it. And you are fully rested in your daughtership, you're fully rested that you know that God will take care of you, god will supply for you and you just rest in that place. You rest spiritually in who God says he is and who God says you are.

So that's one of the things that show your Godly feminine woman. So the next thing is that you love others. So for a lot of women I hear things like oh, I don't like women and I don't mess with women or men are trash, and this, and this and this. But as a godly feminine woman, you model what the Bible says to love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your might, and love your neighbor as yourself. When you really love others, you show it to them, not show it to them in a way that is sacrificial, that involves putting your needs last or just things like that.

I'm not talking about in this weird abusive way that the Christian community promotes without boundaries. But you genuinely love other people, that you accept them for who they are. You're not trying to control people, you don't try to manipulate people, you don't have prejudice towards other people, you simply just love others. The love that God has shown you, the forgiveness and the mercy and the grace God has shown you is what you show to other people. Next is you have high standards, OK?

You have high standards. This is really important as a Godly feminine woman. Because if God has made you a coherent with Christ, to be a coherent with Christ means that you get everything that Jesus Christ should, jesus Christ, whatever Jesus Christ deserved. You receive that in the New Covenant. So to have high standards for yourself and for life shows that you're a Godly feminine woman, that you want all that God has for you in this lifetime, every blessing that he has for you, just everything that every type of provision, whatever he has for you in this life, that you have a standard that you want that and you ask God for those things.

So I see with a lot of women, they have such low standards because they don't actually trust God to fulfill anything past that place, if that makes sense. So they're putting their standards so low for themselves, for the people around them, for what they want in life, and then they end up becoming a bit resentful. But Godly feminine women, they know what they want, they have that high standard. They want what God wants for them. And God in his own timing will eventually supply those things.

Okay? And the last thing, the 8th thing that shows that you're a Godly feminine woman is that you know who God called you to be. So you're not confused. You're not confused. I see so many women, they say, oh, I don't know what's my purpose, what's my purpose?

But a Godly feminine woman is confident in who God has called her to be. So whether that is a minister, entrepreneur, a mother, a businesswoman, whatever the case is, she knows who she's called to be and she's rest assured that hey, I don't feel qualified in it. I don't know everything but God, I believe you and I'm partnering with who you say that I am, that intimate relationship with God that she has, and God shows her and tells her who she is, she firmly believes in it and she places her trust in God to make those things come to pass. OK, so that is all. So those are the eight things that show that you are a Godly feminine woman.

As I mentioned earlier, if you are a cursebreaker, spirit filled woman that you want to channel the art of God femininity, definitely do. Join my master class and schedule a call with me. All the information will be in the description box below. But let me know what you think about this video in the comments section and I will see you all later. Bye.

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