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Hi, my love! Happy Wednesday!


As many of you have been enjoying all the GodlyFem content, so many of you have also confided in me about personal challenges you're having in femininity, and I'm here to help! So I'm hosting a brand new FREE workshop called "How to Become a Woman of Value: A Beginner's Guide to Godly Femininity". It's a special one-day-only live workshop on Monday, June 13, in which we will take a deep dive into what femininity components so many women are missing, so you can start leveling up in your value... instead of focusing on the wrong things! 


Speaking of value, this week's video is about something I've been asked about, and that is what we may be doing that might show we don't understand our worth: things that may actually diminish our value in the eyes of others even if we're unaware of it.


There are so many traits that we have normalized in our generation that actually bring the perception of ourselves down. Other people subconsciously notice and can sense we don't know our value, but that's not what we want! So make sure to check out this week's video so that you avoid these little details that lower your value as a feminine woman.

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Hi, my love!

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