Christian hypergamy is a mindset not a numerical figure

Hi love,

I want to help you understand Christian Hypergamy better.

In the Word of God, women were never burdened with the financial brunt of a home nor were they encouraged to leave their homes to chase careers unless it was unusual circumstances (single or widowed). Women who were married were expected to have children and become homemakers (Titus 2:3-5).

Being a homemaker is an occupation in and of itself. It is difficult to be a homemaker and have a career. One will usually take priority over the other.

We encourage Christian Hypergamy to bring back order in the family and rest for women.

Okay, so now how do we make it work with a man who may be making less than what we expected but still wants to provide for his home.

It’s important to not look at Christian hypergamy so squarely. Being a homemaker does not mean your husband has to be a millionaire nor does it mean you cannot generate income or have hobbies. Being a homemaker simply means your home is your FIRST priority and everything else second.

It’s actually a good character trait to be industrious and have the ability to generate extra income for your home as we see in Proverbs 31.

Think of your husband’s salary as your home’s base pay and whatever else you bring home is commission.

You have to be able to live off your husband’s income FIRST. HE is the one who takes on the financial burden, not you.

So whether you decide to take a part-time job, WFH, have a business, or side hustle, you should be able to drop it at any point in time and live solely off your husband’s income.

This gives you the flexibility to be at home, keep the home, raise the kids, rest, and recover from pregnancy without worrying about how to pay bills.

If your husband is making a stable but modest salary, then you have to get creative and downsize so that you live on his income.

For example,
🏠 you might have to move to a cheaper area that has a lower cost of living
🏠 you might have to cut some unnecessary bills
🏠 you might have to cook the majority of your meals or homestead
🏠 you might need to learn some skills like sewing and canning to stretch your money

All this takes humility, creativity, and an open mind, but it can be done.

What do you ladies think? Did you ever consider hypergamy through the lens in which I’m speaking about? Let me know your thoughts in our Facebook community!

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