Do you have to lose your ambition to marry hypergamously? 🤔


 Hi love,

I don’t think many women understand the purpose of marriage and a woman’s role within one.


I hear so many single women say…

❌ I’m looking for a man who will fit into MY vision

❌ I need a man to support ME and MY endeavors 

❌ I don’t want a man to slow ME down on the things that I’M called to do


To the naked ear, there is nothing inherently wrong with these statements. Women should have the right to be ambitious.


The issue is women are walking into the date-to-marry market with a very masculine and unbiblical worldview.


Here’s why:


1. Men are the head 👨🏾


God has given men the authority to choose a wife, start a family, and cover their homes.


Women were created for men (1 Corinthians 11:8-9) to be their HELPMEETS.


In the context of marriage, masculine men are not looking for women to submit to and be their sidekicks. They know they are called to lead and protect so they are looking for a woman who is bone of THEIR bone, flesh of THEIR flesh, and who will help support THEM in the vision THEY have for their homes. Not the other way around.


2. As a woman, you will have to die to SOME of your ambitions once you get married ⚰️


This idea that you can continue life as usual as when you were single once you get married will bring unnecessary issues in your marriage.


Firstly, the transition from singleness to submitting to your husband in everything (Ephesians 5:22-24) and raising kids is not an easy shift.


Great marriages and healthy families take WORK and intentionality. 


In order to put your family and home first, you have to die to yourself and SOME of your ambition. 


Not because having ambition is bad but because you will have less time to chase those ambitions if your priority is your home. Or most of your ambition will be channeled into the betterment of your family and home.


3. It’s better to choose celibacy if you want to chase your ambition full-heartedly 🧎🏾‍♀️


Most women do not understand the purpose of marriage and what it means for them.


The Bible says it’s better to be unmarried because you have more time devoted to advancing the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 7:34-35, Matthew 19:12).


If chasing ambition matters more to us than submitting to our husbands and putting our marriage, family, and home first, then according to the Word of God, it’s wiser to remain celibate (single and sexless for life).





Women who lack feminine education usually have difficulty in the dating market or attract weak and feminine men. 


In the game of Christian hypergamy, it’s good to understand this piece of feminine education so you can properly vet men. Determine if you can submit to HIS vision for his life or if it’s in alignment with who you are.


What do you think ladies? Have you ever considered how much of your ambition you would have to lay down once you get married and have kids? Or will you do whatever it takes to accomplish what is set in your heart from singleness? Let’s have a conversation in our Facebook group! ☕️ 

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