Five Things Godly Feminine Women NEVER Do!

Heard you're interested in leveling up in your femininity journey. Just avoid these pitfalls 😬

Hi, my love! Happy Monday!


So, [[contact.first_name]] can I be honest with you? I've been coaching in this femininity game for a while and I just cannot get over the mistakes I see women constantly making.


It's like. You know how you can tell someone is faking it? They may look the part...


But there's still something that's... off. 🤔


It doesn't matter how "feminine" one appears outwardly, there are five things godly feminine women would just never do.


When I spot these things, it usually reveals the mask women are hiding behind.


Every. single. time.


You see, some of these things may be okay for worldly feminine women whose only purpose is to get a high value man (I don't throw shade; I throw light), but it's just not becoming of a true, godly, feminine woman.


Still confused about what I mean? Well then check out this week's video to learn more about the five things godly, feminine women will never do.


Use this video as a a heart check. Truly consider if you're doing performative femininity or if you really 'bout it 'bout it. Ya feel me?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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