Why You Shouldn’t Pursue a Man as a Godly Feminine Woman! 😳

And this is why we don't chase men!

*fabricated story time ahead*


"I think I know you from somewhere."


It was a warm Friday evening and I was leaving a popular restaurant and lounge spot. If you know me, you know your girl loves her some good music and eats!


I took myself on a solo date and enjoyed the music and great vibes.


In the same room, a guy caught my attention. He was probably the most handsome guy in the room sitting in a section all by himself. He was tall, had smooth peanut buttery skin, and a full bushy beard.


I locked eyes with him several times throughout the night, smiled, and continued to enjoy my own company.


Then I noticed something...


A girl approached him three times during the night. She would waltz into his section, sit really close to him, and take pics of him. At first, I thought they were on a date the way she was flirting with him. But then I would see her walk back to another group of people. I didn't know what to make of it so I minded the business that paid me.


Anyways, once the night was over, I started to leave the venue. This guy caught up to me and started up a conversation. As we walked towards my car, the nightsky was serenaded by our laughter. We joked and discussed the night. On top of being handsome, he had a great personality.


As our laughter died down, he got more serious. "How long are you in the area for?" he inquired. "I'd love to take you out next week."


I looked up at him confused. "Wait, weren't you here on a date with that girl?" I asked.


"Who?" he responded in bewilderment. "Oh that girl inside? I don't even know her."


I took a moment to process and said, "So... A random girl approached you at this event to flirt with you...?"


He chuckled playfully and said, "Yeah... I wasn't feeling her like that but I would like to get to know you more. I'll coordinate the outing and let you know the plans to see if it fits with your schedule."


Chile. The biggest lesson I've learned from this experience (with many fabricated details ;) )is do NOT. I repeat. Do NOT chase men!


As feminine women, we want masculine men who pursue, provide, and protect. When you take on a role-reversal mentality, you do yourself a huge disservice. 


In this week's video, I'm going to break down a few reasons why you shouldn't romantically pursue men as a godly feminine woman.


Click on the image below to watch ✨


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