5 Confidence Killers 😬

There are practical ways to be confident!

Hi, my love! 


So a common issue that many of my clients and audience have is a lack of confidence!


It's crazy because all the women who speak to me about this issue are women of God. 


You'd think with the amount of time we spend in God's presence, we would finally have all the confidence in the world, but this isn't necessarily true.


I think a lot of us get so caught up in spirituality that we forget about practicality. 


Well, this week I have a treat for you! Five Confidence Killers that completely ruin your ability to walk boldly in who the Lord says that you are!


And yes this applies to all women whether you just started your femininity journey or you're a veteran.

Have you ever struggled with your confidence as a feminine woman? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hi, my love!

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