Men Only Do 50/50 with Placeholders 🙅🏾‍♀️


So I have a theory that has been proven true time and time again—men only seek to provide for their dream woman!


I hear too many stories of nice girls who lacked feminine education and are duped into hypogamous, 50/50 relationships with men.


If a man…

❌ never takes you on an official date

❌ doesn’t pay for dates

❌ is okay with you providing for yourself

❌ when discussing future plans, is okay and comfortable doing 50/50

❌ does not attempt to woo you with romantic gestures (flowers, candy, stuffed animals, small gifts, etc)

❌ complains about doing anything for you (fixing something for you, driving/commuting to your city, spending money on a date)

❌ doing the bare minimum and never spending a dime




Here’s the thing, men innately know they are providers and they have to compete to get the best woman.


The same man who was being a Scrooge McDuck with you will be Daddy Warbucks with another woman. 





✅ He knows he has to invest (time, resources, finances) to keep his dream girl or else she’ll move on to another suitor

✅ Women are the prize to be pursued. Not men.

✅ His dream girl shows up as high quality and keeps a certain standard. If he can’t measure up, then she’ll bounce!


This is why it’s sooo important to level up physically, spiritually, and emotionally in the game of hypergamy! 


When you show up to the dating market as a high quality feminine woman, men take subconscious cues and seek to provide for you.


They observe…

✅ your presentation and how you carry yourself

✅ your maintenance level and if they can afford it

✅ your beauty

✅ your character 

✅ your confidence 

✅ your standards


All this has a part to play in how much a man is willing to invest in you.


For me, I am my husband’s dream girl because…

✅when I matched with him online, he took me to a fancy restaurant THE NEXT DAY

✅ in the span of ONE week, he took me on four DIFFERENT dates

✅ our second date he took me to THREE venues

✅ I have NEVER paid for a date 

✅ he took me and continues to take me on dates AT LEAST once a week

✅ he gets me flowers regularly 

✅ I have never driven him EVER

✅ I have never opened a door in his presence 

✅ when we got married, he paid all my bills and paid off all my debts


Listen, ladies. Stop giving every Tom, Dick, and Harry everything for the free99! Men have to EARN your love and loyalty.


When you’re a nice girl, have no/low standards, unfeminine, and show up low quality, then men will take you for granted!


Pray you receive today’s femininity education piece! 


Have you ever encountered a man who wanted to do 50/50? Did you think this was normal? Leave a comment in our Facebook group and let’s chat! 💬

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