Faith is not just the “what” but the “when”

Happy Holidays!

Last week during quiet time with the Lord and prayer, I got a major epiphany—

Faith is not just the “what” but the “when”!

But let me back up a little.

I was studying 2 Chronicles 9 and learning about Solomon’s wisdom. I started to do a bible study on Solomon because a girl was really interested in how this king fell so badly if he was so wise!

One thing that stuck out to me about Solomon was how many wives he had. Although some misled young men have used Solomon’s harem as a talking piece to push an agenda of antimonogamy, the Bible was very clear that kings should not multiply wives (Deut 17:17).

So if the law was very clear on this and Solomon was so wise, then why did he marry all these women?

Because he wanted to make alliances with the neighboring nations (1 Kings 3:1).


This mini bible study I did really had me thinking about the difference between wisdom and faith.


What are some ways we, as women, can fall into the same trap as Solomon?


I think one of the ways we can unknowingly fall into this same trap is by trusting more in ourselves and our own abilities (even if we are graced by God) than in God Himself.


For example, I have a natural and studied gift of entrepreneurship. It’s very easy to plan, execute, and reach certain goals on my own. But that doesn’t always require much faith from me.


And here’s the main point of my email today–


Faith is not just about the “what” but it’s about the “when.”


Anyone can make their own plan and achieve it in their own wisdom and capability within their own perceived timeframe.


But is that faith?


Anyone can say they will become a millionaire in 50 years with the right plan and resources.


But is that faith?

Anyone can say they have faith for marriage one day, hopefully in five years.


But is that faith?


My love, faith is not simply believing in what you KNOW you can achieve in your own might on your own schedule. Faith sometimes requires fully trusting in God because you have NO idea how things are going to pan out. Faith is sticking to a convicted timeline you have in your heart and trusting the Lord to walk you through the journey. Faith is applying pressure to heaven!


My dear, at the beginning of last year I told God that I wanted to get married either in six months or by the end of the year. I wasn’t playing anymore and I was tired of being single when I knew it was within my calling to be married! 


When I met my husband and we discussed timelines, I told him that I don’t think it’s strange for people to meet and marry in six months.


Although we never spoke about timelines again, I had a timeline in my mind for how long I was going to give my husband to move things forward before I dipped.


More things happened along the way that tested my faith (even a close friend telling me to lower my expectations!) but by the grace of God, and to my utmost surprise, my husband married me six months later. Glory to God!

All this to say, challenge your faith as you walk into 2024 dear reader.


You might be wise, gifted, and intelligent. But what is something that has been pressing on your heart to accomplish or receive that you know you need God’s help to receive within a shorter timeframe or to accomplish at a bigger magnitude?


Faith is the currency of heaven and you receive in accordance to your faith! Talk to your Father as His humble daughter before this year ends.


Let Him surprise you in 2024!

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