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Hi, my love!

Phew! It has been too long! Just wanted to pop in and let you know about what I’ve been up to and what to expect from me moving forward!

Single on Purpose International has merged with GodlyFem


It has been a long time coming but I have finally decided to close the doors to my nonprofit ministry, Single on Purpose International, and focus my efforts on GodlyFem. 

I know, I know! There were so many fond memories of SOP and it’s bittersweet its season has ended.

Well, not really “ended” per se, but more like transformed. Think of GodlyFem like a subsidiary of SOP. SOP still exists but GodlyFem is the new face and brand.

Perhaps you’re wondering why I made this decision after running this ministry for over three years.

If I’m being honest with you, it was a few factors, namely, marketing, profitability, and maturity.

When I started Single on Purpose International in March of 2020 (at the start of the pandemic), I was very much… single lol I was around the middle of my six year singleness journey and I caught the revelation of how important an intentional single season was. I had learned so much about my purpose in those three years that I wanted to share it with the world!


Yeah… It was a great idea at the moment, but in hindsight, I can see how the wording could turn a lot of women off. Especially women who were seeking and desiring marriage at some point in their lives.


Although I desired marriage too, I could not move past my pace of grace. One of the issues I see with modern Christians is this inability to stay in their lane. Too many single people giving marriage advice and too many broke people giving financial counsel. Regurgitating others’ revelations and giving advice with no experience will eventually lead others astray.

Yeah…I didn’t want to do that.


Even though I have always had a burden and passion for family, I knew I had to wait until I actually got married so that anointing could be backed up.


Anyways, singleness is all I knew so preparation in singleness is all I taught.


However, once I got married, everything changed lol I feel like certain revelations I could not fully access in my singleness were made completely clear before my eyes after I got married. This entire year I’ve been married, the Lord has poured out an abundance and wealth of understanding in the area of marriage and family. Ultimately, the burden to lead women into healthy and Kingdom marriages has only increased. 


With this newly acquired insight, a shift had to be made. As a marketer and strategist, I didn’t make sense for me and the team to continue to pour into SIngle on Purpose when there was so much lack of interest and misunderstanding of what we were about. Although I have not been very active in GodlyFem, there was always a greater desire, curiosity, and need coming from women towards this brand. Instead of trying to force something to fit, I figured I would just go where there is ease and grace. And who knows? Perhaps GodlyFem was created for a time such as this?

About GodlyFem

GodlyFem has always traditionally been about basic principles of godly femininity, personal development, and leveling up. With this newfound knowledge, I realized that I have to be very specific about pushing the end goal of godly femininity–marriage.


I can no longer tiptoe around it for fear of not sounding inclusive. When you study biblical womanhood, there was always an emphasis on family. Women were not trained in feminine education for themselves to simply be better than other women. There was a purpose to their femininity and there’s power in that.


I want more women, especially Black women, to be happily married. That is my true desire. I’m tired of all the New Age and emerging femininity coaches out there who are pushing women to be concubines and sugar babies. That’s not godly nor is it God’s design for young women. I want GodlyFem to be the antithesis of an ever-growing and popular movement.


With that said, there will be a shift towards Christian hypergamy in our content.


What’s that?


According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, hypergamy is marriage into an equal or higher caste or social group. Women have always been historically hypergamous, actually. It’s a very new phenomenon of women becoming the breadwinners and main financial contributors of their homes. The issue now is that hypergamy and femininity have been getting a bad rep and are completely misunderstood because most young women are finding out about this through the mouths of sugar babies and concubines.


Christian hypergamy clears up those misconceptions and promotes God’s standards of women being provided for as homemakers (Titus 2:3-5* more about this later).

Oh, yes. There is a purpose to Christian hypergamy and the foundation is family, gender roles, and honoring God as a woman. Not simply to gain fast money and expensive dates from tricks, boyfriends, and sponsors.


I have a burden to teach young Black women Christian hypergamy because many of us were simply not taught. Not by our mothers and for sure not by undercover feminist female preachers.


It’s a shame that we push and applaud Black women to be more masculine, career-driven, and education-focused, but the moment she wants to be a homemaker or a SAHW/SAHM (stay-at-home wife/mom), there’s immediate backlash. 


I don’t know about you but I’m really tired of only White women dominating the Christian homemaking and biblical womanhood spaces. The instruction from Paul in Titus 2 was not just for White women but for all believers, including Black women. I want my Black sisters to be able to share in that same joy of homemaking, being there for their families, and having loving marriages while allowing their husbands to carry the brunt of the financial responsibility.


This mostly happens through hypergamy.


So, that in a nutshell, is what GodlyFem will focus on moving forward until God tells me otherwise. Godly femininity, Christian hypergamy, and leveling up. It that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then stay tuned! 


Keep up with us on socials!


So I’ve transformed the old GodlyFem Facebook into an open community forum called Black Hypergamous Christian Women. Feel free to share ideas and connect with other women. We will be sure to post updates in that group as well. 



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Ugh, I know! I've been so MIA on the YouTube scene but I'm back-ish lol I'll be posting femininity content on GodlyFem's YouTube and share more about my personal journey on my YouTube channel. So, subscribe to both!




So that’s all for now! Are YOU ready for this new phase of GodlyFem? What are you looking forward to learning the most? Comment your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you :) 

Until next time,

Jumoke Wynn


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